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Concise Weekend Endodontic Course

With the intention to make it possible for the busy clinician who cannot make time to attend classes on weekdays, the academy introduced the Concise Endodontic course. This course is covered over a span of 5 weekends.

Keeping in mind that all clinicians will not be able to get away from their clinics/families every weekend, the classes are held over certain weekends, set prior by the academy. So it makes it easy for the clinician to plan his appointments, etc.

Objective: To train candidates in the modern clinical endodontics.

By introducing/ updating their knowledge and skill in newer and advanced endodontics.

Ideal for:

Clinicians who can take a few weekends off to update and perfect their skills.


Theory and hands on training which covers access preparation, various methods of working length determination, different rotary instrumentation, rotary crown down preparation, rotary instrumentation of narrow canals, use of hybrid technique for cleaning and shaping (BMP), master cone selection, sealer application methods, evaluation of preparation, obturation techniques for single visit RCT, common mistakes (endodontic mishaps) and their management and re-RCT with rotary endodontics.

Duration: 5 weekends

Concise Lectures, discussions & Hands On training from basics to modern endodontics including Rotary and single visit endodontics.

Course Fee: INR 50,000/- + 12.36% tax. Tution fees, Course material, Rotary Instruments(4 systems).
Morning Beverages, Afternoon meal, Snacks.

I. Documents to be submitted

Copy of internship completion certificate.
Copy of degree certificate/ provisional degree certificate.
Copy of state dental council registration.
Copy of all B.D.S Marks sheets
2 photographs
Passport copy/Address Proof ( Only for international/ N.R.I candidates)

II. List of instruments/ equipments required

Extracted teeth. As many as possible.
K-files, 21 and 25 mm, 15 to 40. 2 boxes
H-files, , 21 and 25 mm, 15 to 40. 2 boxes each
K and H- files 25 mm 40 to 80. 1 box each
Barbed broaches assorted 15 to 40. 2 set
Spreaders and pluggers 21 mm 15 to 40. 1 box each
Protaper hand instruments intro kit. 1 box
R.C prep or Glide chelating gel. 1 unit
DG 16 hand instrument
Loupes 2x or 4 x Optional
GP. Protaper F1, F2, F3, - 20, 25, 30, size 4% and 6% cones
Gates Glidden 1 box
Peizo reamers box
Access cavity burs 1 kit
IOPA x-RAY- 30(minimum)
Air-rotor handpiece
Micromotor handpiece
Enamel tray
Metal measuring scale
Endo box for instruments
Curved G.P cutting scissors
Glass slab
Dappen dish
McIntosh Sheet
Spirit lamp.

NOTE: Academy will assist the candidates in case they are unable to procure any particular item given in the above list.